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·Sep 12, 2022·

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2924512-HSC00001-7.jpg I am not afriad
Fear is like a bully
It holds you down to the ground
So you stay fallen
But I am risen
Still in the dust
Very much still unsure
But I am not afraid
To be imperfect

Perfection is a disease
Sucking the life out of you
And leaving you dry
Bones and flesh too
I am broken
But I am not afraid
I know who I am

Who I am
Is not defined by the ever changing
Shades of my beautiful dark skin
Bushy brows
Dry lips through the harmattan season
You see seasons are changing
But I am not afraid

My worth is not defined
By how much or how less
I am able to put together
From the beginning to the end of time
You see I am counting my blessings
One by one
Day after day
As long as my eyes see the sun
And even through the darkness
I am not afraid

I know the truth
The truth that fear
Is nothing but a figment of my
Many many imaginations
I only create in my mind

I own the Power!
To how far it can go in robbing me
Of my joy and fullness of hope
Now that I realise,
I am not afraid

From now and onwards
As I run this mile
I would chant these words
And mutter them like
Incantations or tongues
However my spirit is willing
I will be unyielding
To fear and all of its devices
Praying my way through
I am not afraid

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