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Time would tell

Time would tell

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Mo Adejumo
·Jun 29, 2022·

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Time would tell
Only time would tell
As seasons come and go
And for each is a reason not to continue what supposedly is
the journey of life
Time would tell whether or not
it loses you or you fall in line
Fall in line?

I mean falling in line with the average thinking the world won't seize to exist
Imagine that!
If there were no place for cheaters, liars and
perpetrators who would do it all over again if they could
And they do
Cause the world as it is, is theirs
I think it really is
Truly it is!
I never beg to differ
Who would want to claim such bitter world
So imbalanced yet so balanced
It's hard to think it sometimes
But it's true
The world is balanced!
The good and the bad at a fitted scale
Each beyond limits or
boundaries on how far it could go with its intentions
You'd be surprised
It hits you when you least expect it
Something very disconcerting
You go up and down
Up and up
All around cause you are a man on a mission
Running and running
Then soon enough you start to realize
It really is all sprawling to a big end

Forget it!
No matter where you're standing
The universe gives you a taste of that emptiness
The God kind
But keep up
Only time would tell

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