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The soul of the church

The soul of the church

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Mo Adejumo
·Jul 11, 2022·

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Born again
Like born supreme
We live like royals
While our brothers’
wait for tables

I know we all can't ride horses
And the sun can't rise on the
The children are too ghetto
to know to walk on plain landmarks

The earth is marked
And the lots have been cast
For richer the power
For poorer the good God

Mercy could override wealth
But the church has been made perverse
The world could purge from sin
But the good preacher is antisocial
Hence the lost sheep has no tail

Once there were some
as the beatitudes
Who knew to fellowship
with sincerity of hearts
No possessions held back
Just angels working the earth

They pushed the good word
Fought enough for us to see
Enough to share the
ultimate suffering
For the soul of the church
Is the revival -

Nothing in itself is living for it self Paul said; whether or not you believe in God. That goes for us too that believe; to understand the concept of togetherness and even more equality in the eyes of the Universe. So when you start to feel in control and resolute you can take a step back and check whom you’re pulling along.

Used words & term
‘Suburbs’: outskirts of a city
‘Override’: rule against
‘Beatitudes’: blessed

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