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The Power of Scent

The Power of Scent

a short fairytale

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·Sep 6, 2022·

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5229393-HSC00001-7.jpg They say there is power in a scent
A concoction of enchanting potion
Strong enough to attract half a nation
A mixture of impelling substance able to penetrate
The mind of the one to which it is served
Well this is true;
Cause a certain smell flew across my nose
And almost instantly it threw back memories
Of a boy, an old white house
And a slight regret
I wanted to meet him
I wanted to tell him the smell of his cologne took me to Paris
And some other days London
I wanted to tell him smelling
His cologne alone
Made me fall in love with a total stranger
We didn't even have to have the same dreams
Yet through a few trips down fairytale
We could make us a story
Two strangers falling in love over the power of a scent

There was very little to put together about him
All I knew was he was a boy
With a hat on and a dashing fragrance
I was young
And I knew well it was typical for me
To vulnerably fall for the smell of an unknown face
And on a certain Sunday
I went and got myself a cologne too
So that one day he walks by my house
He’d smell me and then realize
We both could make a splatter of everlasting
Lasting! Love scent
I kept waiting in the presence
of his constantly drifting shadows
Wishing for a Shakespearean miracle
A scene of our own Romeo and Juliet
But then again they say wishes were for beggars
And yet he was a prince and I was a dreamer
I forgot I was chasing thin air
The perfume of the one to whom I could not reach
Restlessly dancing with the wind

Then one cold Harmattan night
I knew I heard his voice whispering to a girl
Swearing he'd die for her
And suddenly my clouds turn grey
With a green light slightly
Pointing down the edge of a starlight
And right there I knew
I was free
Like yellow!

The longer we hold on to fantasy the longer it robs us of reality. It is sweet to dream but it’s also wise to learn to appreciate our own environment and seek to find ways to make it beautiful and even magical if we want. As long as we’re present.

Used words & terms
-‘And on a certain Sunday I went and got myself cologne too’: makes herself obvious
-‘green light’: reality

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