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The Nigeria Of My Dreams

The Nigeria Of My Dreams

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Mo Adejumo
·Sep 7, 2022·

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NIGERIA-MY-DREAMS.jpg When I see a police car
I immediately imagine
The raging sound
Of shots fired through thin air
A massacre of bodies scatter
Through the ground
Leaving no traces
To track me back to where
I should have been
But cut short by wild wolves
In prestige black clothing
I all of a sudden smell fear close enough
To feel they'll come for me
Should I not take the other route

I haven’t done anything wrong
But so didn’t Kolade Johnson
Or Akeem Akinsanya
Anita Akapson
Ada Ifeanyi
Tina Ezekwe

Or the rest of us out here

There are days I want to play tough
Cling on to Fela’s strength
And say; I refuse not to put up a fight
I insist to fight today
And live to die tomorrow
Throw my chest out and scream;
‘You can kill my body’
‘But you can’t kill my soul!

But I must be wise
And remember my mother’s words
Never to put up a fight if I must live
To survive a next run
I must run for cover
And find safety in a little cowardice

For gone are the days
Crime had on saggy shorts
Singlet and a colored handkerchief
Hanging out their back pocket
There is a new crime in town
And it works for the government

Therefore, the Nigeria of my dreams
Is a far cry from reality
The Nigeria of my dreams;
Is the Justice League from the Avengers
Protecting lives and handing me a beer
While I tell my rights
Saying to me I have the right to an attorney
Should I choose not to speak
Giving me directions and not waiting in turn
for some crumpled notes
Applauding me for knowing my rights
And not making me curse my little education
Making me want to hold
My hand to my chest and pledge
'God bless the peace officers living in cosmopolitan era

The Nigeria of my dreams?
That will be a day!

We are living in a society where the face of crime isn't only beheld through the lens of thugs and hoodlums as you'd have them, but rather in our supposed crime fighters and people meant to uphold justice. We no longer fear and run only from the far sight of hooligans but also from the 'popo' as some folks informally call them. It is sad but it is, the sore truth.

Used words & terms
-‘massacre’: savage killing
-‘cowardice’: lack courage 

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