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Stone Casting

Stone Casting

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·Aug 21, 2022·

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adultress2.jpg An eye for an eye
A tooth for tooth!
Even the ones with smelly decayed tooth
Are present for a portion

A proposition!
Why don't we leave casting of stones to the oracle?
The ancestors
Surely they were here before us,
Tasted life before our milky mouths could ever know the taste of
Boiled beans, or the sauce to which we romance it
One could even make a symphony of words that rhyme
As to the times gone before
Before War!
We are way too young,
Way too infant to suggest what stones to turn
What verdict given
"Little Lucy was brought before the King;
She had committed a crime
And therefore needed to be punished"
"The infants hailed for terror!
Hailed for judgment"

A convention!
Why don't we leave casting of stones
To the one who is without self?
The one before us
One to whose hands fined little Lucy and the rest of us

Infants begin to diminish
Reminded of the times gone before them
Reminded the epitome of the one who spoke these things
One even thought to say;
Why don't we war and then in turn submit
War against self
And submit to love
Surely this would let us to our Father’s bosom
The ancestors,
Oracles looking through the skies
The ones turning the stones and casting the lots

The infants found a scapegoat, Poor Lucy, she shouldn’t have been there, not that time; the time to which lied throwing of stones, ill justice and men who found it pleasing to persecute and point fingers. But if she would hold on a little longer the King’s palace was just few steps away maybe there she’ll find vindication, maybe the King would teach them these things and they adhere, maybe not.

Used words & terms
-‘ones with smelly decayed tooth’: hypocrites
-‘milky mouths’: infants
-‘a convention’: a call to assembly

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