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Sons of soil

Sons of soil

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Mo Adejumo
·May 18, 2022·

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He sits and crosses his legs
On a firm plank of cultural misdemeanor
While she, dangling back and forth
Carries a keg of cultural dilution
They are in twine
It’s the seventh time now
since she carried the last keg
And yet he, still as steel shares no hustle
He sees himself privileged
Son of the soil
Born and bred in the land of ancient history and beforehand
He finds himself accustomed to its norms and ways
No questions asked,
who needed answers
Just another obedient son

But why not?
Why scratch silken backs?
Why question the King's offer for a sit at the table
Befitting to the best
Armor to his hairy, sweat dripping chests
Fortification for his ego
Comfort to his soul
Ebony of sunrise to his native naivety
Native man!
He thinks himself privileged
She pays the price while he takes the price
Son of soil
Sits on a firm plank of cultural misdemeanor
While she, innocent as her virgin before
Carries a keg of cultural dilution
I see they are in twine
Blind Bats!
Asking no questions, seeking no answers
They find themselves accustomed
to their abrupt cluelessness
Sons of soil

A woman often plays her role behind the scene and less attention is given her.
Her role is far beyond neither obligation nor historical custom, we are in a new age and we need new standards.

Used words & terms
-‘misdemeanor’: a crime less
serious than felony
-‘abrupt’: sudden

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