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Sleep: like meeting God on a subway

Sleep: like meeting God on a subway

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Mo Adejumo
·Aug 12, 2022·

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Sleep before food
Food before pleasure
Sleep is friend to the soul
It will grant you peace only death can permit

Peace beyond solemn kisses
Tears off old skin for new
Sleep is treasure to the uncanny
Makes for a pathway;
Transacting good and evil

Sleep is priceless for dreamers
Gives room for more of the impossible
Sleep is like gold!
And even golden by how well you line your sheets

Sleep like meeting God on a subway
Riding to a diner for a sandwich
Before getting a quick coffee
From Jesus by a counter
But still wake up in unbelief
Ye of little faith!

Sleep is my favorite food. I strongly believe it’s a gift from God to rest our soul, body, and spirit from the troubles of life once a while.
Sleep is everything.

Used words & terms
-‘uncanny’: extraordinary

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