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·Aug 31, 2022·

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83185.webp Inter denominations
Tears off the body
My brothers scattered all abroad
Wears off salvation

I can no longer dream of freedom
I used to
But now am caved of your selfish visions
It's the new craze
Everyone wants to grow a farm
Yet lack the expertise
Now I’m a confused rebellious
Craving solitude
So I could work out my own salvation
In fear and purpose
Shouldn't that be the grand;

But you all want to make followers of yourself
Yet lie under your nose it is for the course
You know the truth
I pray you are brave enough to agree
So your mouths could be less salty
As you water down your words
Praying for togetherness
Yet print posters with your faces on it
The centre for our attention and more so distraction

We all don’t live the same
But atleast we know whom we all appeal
I set my mind free

For a long time I wondered why there were so many denominations among the Christian faith, could it be that God didn’t want us to be together, I mean the apostles went near and far moving the course and we all see the results. So why are things different now, why are there so many men with visions of sharing the gospel.
Curiosity or should I say my quest led me to do a little research nothing serious, and I found, the only reason there are so many denominations is actually nothing so special as one might think but rather superficial and under the simple fact that people just don't get along. And what makes or breaks a church? People!

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-‘less salty’: provocative

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