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Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace

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Mo Adejumo
·Jul 29, 2022·

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Rest in peace
I get a strange feeling
anytime I get to say the words
Like for some reason
It's a way to tell the dead
to go on and figure out where those go
So we could go on living
I guess that's what it is, isn't it?
Just like Christ said;
Let the dead bury the dead
Hence rest in peace

Like it's our own little way
of seeing the dead off to the other side
in a supposedly meaningful manner
Such short words yet so strong
Then the days go by and it somehow
doesn't feel like yesterday anymore
Doesn't hurt so much as before
So we slowly forget
To survive
I know there's really nothing we could do but go on living
I mean it's the very cause of our existence
But I get a strange feeling
when I get to say those words
Rest in peace

Like for some reason that one hand stretched out
in farewell to the deceased
points a thousand back at me
Putting me in such big shoes to fill
Asking me if I am aware
I'll get to answer where those go

A similar fate
We just never know when
But I know to be sure to have the world
See me off in an idea I'll get to figure it out
It'll come to me
How the dead go on living
And the living continue in line
Rest In Peace

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