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Perks of Religion

Perks of Religion

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·Aug 18, 2022·

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Christ-Ruler-Apostles-Evangelists-figures-Santa-Pudenziana-417-ce.webp What is it some of the Christians say about religion that saves them from persecution.
Oh I know; they say they do not practice religion but Christianity.
I find that hard to comprehend though. Because if you were someone like me once lost in the four walls of some of these, quote on quote 'Woke Christian gathering' you realise the vagueness of that silly debate.

Come to think of it, isn't religion the practice of Christianity and more so the general term for different supernatural practices. And by supernatural I mean whatever your God is and whatever makes you sleep at night.
Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, excetera are all types of religion.
But here we have some of these woke Christians who have chosen to follow the short and wide road almost to full and righteous conviction.

Let us not confuse ourselves all in the name of civilisation and have ourselves to blame. There is nothing wrong with being religious, however you choose to pick your personal code of conduct to your style of living could be a form of routine you religiously follow. Every religion has it's principles, dos and don'ts that they live by in order that they truly fellowship with their divine order without any opposing body questioning its existence.
It is true some religions have contradicted from their source and blown up to rather extreme degrees, living like servants in church buildings when they ought to be kings in palaces. But it is not to say diminishing one person’s religious activities lessens the strife from the other cause each one has its perks.

At the end of the day it's a choice between good and evil.You may choose evil and feel it'll make your life easier (good luck with that) and you may pretend to choose good and then water it down to make it feel less sacrificial. But I guess for some I might say laziness and lack of willingness to subject themselves to rigorous and true fellowship as oppose to living it to their spiritual advisors causes them to funkinize the gospel a little bit.
Well I'm a believer and not a Christian myself so I suppose we all might go to hell.

Excuse the last quote if it makes you itch but I suppose realizing the thin line between life and death makes it less breath taking to use the word; and yet noone can make the decision for either fates but ourselves. Christianity is a type of religion same as Islam, Judaism etc.
Most of the time I notice how Christianity takes more blows as regards its entire existence and history, and I realize how people result ways to lighten the weight on how the world sees it; like a simple misconception.

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  • 'vagueness': not coherent in meaning -'rigorous': strict
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