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Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and Crosses

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Mo Adejumo
·Sep 4, 2022·

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xo.jpg Paddle my back
Kiss me but don't tell
We never seem to win
I think It’s cause we keep
Playing noughts and crosses
I keep trying to swing low on this roller coaster love
But you prefer hippy roads
Undefined destinations
Winter cold nights
You're weary too much of the future
And all the places you fear
It may never take you
But darling who needs chariots?
When we could ride on trust
On love
My love we would ride longer
If you linger on
And quit playing these games
You know I'll never win
And even then yourself
Let us find a common ground
Make love until sun dawn
Fall asleep in this warm comforter
Then wake me up to feeling sick of your dark humor
The ones you tell
To make up for your sloppy sex
But end up caught in your own
Pool of misery
Lost in your pile of cigarette
You local man!
But still I fall in love
Over and over
Over and over
Over again

We never really win or lose in the game of love, its either you love me or you don’t even want to try. Its either you fake it and lose or you don’t even want to try at all. It’s still good; you don’t have to, its love not war.

Used words & terms
-‘roller coaster’: unsteady
-‘sloppy’: carefree
-‘misery’: unhappy

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