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No good girl alive

No good girl alive

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Mo Adejumo
·Apr 8, 2022·

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They say she is a fallacy
A myth that could never exist
They say when she returns home
To her comfort zone
All hell breaks loose
There is no good girl alive
All are wolves in sheep skin

She finds herself on the ground
The world's weight
on her shoulders
Who do I become?
So I could be loved and understood Who do I need to emulate
A preceding order
So I could seize to be
the centre of your attention
The one you seek
to slowly put out
And then piece back together
To become the exact product
of your illusion and speculation

You're right, I’m wrong
There is no good girl alive
All you have are virgins by heart
And of course we know the
We know you
Like every other girl here
that has walked these streets
Claiming to be introverts
But are actually wild cards in
the scheme of themes
Themes vividly reflective on television screens
Portraying girls as puppets and sex toys for fun and toiling
Never too much educating
Mostly girls in lingerie and very little activity

They say she belongs on the scene
Where she could be seen
More adventure less becoming
Who needs honesty these days?
There is no good deed in anyone

She hits the ground even harder
Uncertainty hits to the teeth
The world's weight still unyielding
Her mind now glitching
It suddenly dawns on her
She is upset!

Torn in two
Lonely and abused
She now works the street at the palm of her hands
The way the world intends
She comes home appease
Now she realizes what you need
A girl without her truth

Generally, some people expect the worse in a person because for some insane reason it makes them less confronted by their own conscience.
No one is perfect they say, and yet one striving is only pretending to be what they’re not.

Used words & terms
-‘fallacy’: delusion

  • ‘preceding’: past
  • ‘introverts’: antisocial
  • ‘themes’: subject matter
  • ‘glitching’: malfunctioning
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