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My experience in HNG 9

My experience in HNG 9

Something like a rookie

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·Feb 21, 2023·

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Digging deep.

A complete excavation

To make a clean sweep.

No explanation needed,

Of this thoroughness…

To one day reminisce.

A determination comes,

With changes welcomed

To rid what had existed!

Until a satisfaction lifts.

Like rust from unpolished joy

Discovered and employed…

With full benefits.

a poem on determination by Lawrence S. Pertillar)

I’ve felt like I had to write at least a little note about my experience taking the HNG 9 program and of course making it to the finals. Apart from the sike and subtle pride of having scaled through the rather tough ride most of the other folks who also went through it would agree with me on, I guess I’d want to write from a rather holistic point of view, journaling my thoughts even beyond my personal experience.

Asides the other parts of me I discovered taking this course which I never thought I had. Like for one I realized for some weird psychotic reason, pressure could be a form of drug that fuels my brain and entire body system causing me to give over time. I’ve done this before in the past but HNG amped it up some more. Its like being in a toxic relationship where your girls tell you it’s wrong and would make you go crazy but you choose not to give a sh** anyway because like I said you’re drugged up and you just have to make it to the finish line. Okay I know that was alot,forgive me! (Again, my over thinking tendencies 😬).

Anyways that was just one of my little observations but now talking holistically, I saw a group of young and very energetic youths take this program and it made me so encouraged and liberated. I wish I could sound less poetic and sentimental but it’s just what it was.

I didn’t see no Lazy Nigerian Youths who just somehow found their way into taking a course randomly (at least maybe for some) but I saw people who were very intentional about what they wanted. I swear if HNG held a physical training it would have been like something out of a ‘Wall Street Market’ with stock brokers running up and down the hall like a bunch of mad people 😁 and to be honest even worse. We’d have been throwing chairs, beating the crap out of mentors, storming in and out, and God help Mark he was on the other end of the line, because he sef for hear am 😂.

But I suppose the farther ends of technology makes it so that all of this will be nothing but imaginations. Thank God!

But really it wasn’t no dull moment. It was nice to know how one can be willing to face all odds for what you believe in and wanted to achieve in life. It didn’t matter the jabs you had to take, designs you had to second, third, fourth guess to even eventually throw away, the self doubt and in turn self encouragements. Honestly the whole drama seemed less of one because it had a goal tied to it.

This might come off minute to some but if you think about it, at least personally, for me it was beyond HNG and what going through it and finishing meant to the outside world. It was about me and who the hell I thought I was to throw myself into this big ocean of technology and dig in deep to try and swim with the big sharks! 😁 I know I’m doing it again 🥴 (poetry is my life).

But that’s the gist folks, stay tuned for more of the mining of my ‘diamond in the rough’ and ‘little shark stories’. I’m coming. 😌

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