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Love can be challenging

Love can be challenging

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Mo Adejumo
·May 25, 2022·

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I like a challenge
Even in love
I want to be on my toes
It entices me
and keeps me grounded
Long as you're not wicked
Depriving me of love when I need it
I'll follow you around like a fly
Or a bird in a cage of emotional pleasure

I love the way it feels
like I have water in my belly
When am trying to please you
Long as you don’t take my
presence for granted
Or think my love to be weakness
I might die for you
And stick around even longer
Lay on your bed
Whether sweet or sour
Submission or power
Long as you know am merely playing a figure
Simply trying to boost
that troubled ego of yours
A roleplay if you like

I'll watch you rise and fall
Look silly as a washed out dumpling
And still profess my love
In a crowd of jaded eyes watching me lay kisses
On this broken man's cheeks
I’d be a ride or die lover!

Long as you know
death won't be the end
And I'd be waiting for you
On the edge of paradise
After love justifies us
And only God could come between us
Don't think I won't love you till

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