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Little girl

Little girl

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·Jul 26, 2022·

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Little girl
Sweet, fine and pure
She has a dream
I wonder what her mother
would think about that
A good guess
She might say:
Whatever she would aspire
She would have to walk ten
thousand miles prior to her destination
Whatever feelings she might encounter
Must be selfishly processed and evaluated
You must not trade your dignity
for otiose emotions
Whatever is worth dreaming
Must be worth paying with blood
She would find misery
If she must know peace
I'd swear her mother couldn't tell it different
It’s a big cold world were living in
Little girl
Sweet, fine and pure
She has a dream

This illustrates what we all look like as early enthusiastic dream chasers and ambitious cats. We face the world with nothing but the values handed down to us by our parent and then we head on our way with optimistic mindsets hoping we’ll touch our mark without the world hitting us with a blow, but then we all come to face the later truth. Yet lucky for us we realize the essence of those values to put them to use so we could get back up again and move forward.

Used words& terms
-‘walk ten thousand miles prior to her destination’: faith
-‘otiose’: useless purpose
-‘paying with blood’: sacrifices

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