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Inglorious War

Inglorious War

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·Jul 22, 2022·

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He prayed to the Oak tree
The one he looked unto
Amidst the battle spree
The barracks is no home
For a man who works the soil
He'll meet his demise
On till floor
He confesses to Mother Nature
'I am not a hero
I sold my soul to war
So I could seize to be
my father's son
Sir Sidney Black
An extreme Nazi
I know this is no glorious act
But of hateful motive

I have a lover back home
Whose heart I placed on hold
And hope she'd learn to forget me
For I cannot return home
And have the town celebrate
a bitter man
A hero who had their good intentions
I must accomplish my sole mission
For the battle grounds
are not only tales of zealous men
But also of broken ones
Who have found a sinless way to die
A calculated suicidal scheme
On the battle spree

I swear my beautiful Ellie
I fight till death
I was no coward to my enemy’s pursuit
I made sure he made it count
Until my end I knew to pray
For a space for me beyond the stars
So I could know to shine
And glory past sorrow
For a new life
In a whole new world

My dreams will taunt me
Who am I to fool?
Your love hunts me down

A continuing poem on ‘In glorious’ war but this one takes a turn as it is the ‘Inglorious’ war which connotes something without honor. It shows a man in between the battles of his dreams and reality with no courage to fight through either.

Used words & terms
-‘zealous’: active
-‘pursuit’: following
-‘nazi’: intolerant

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