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In Glorious War

In Glorious War

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·May 31, 2022·

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Ellie! Ellie!
Unleash! Unleash!
For without you
I cannot come out to the open
My pretty pink cheeks
Blushing in tears
My pretty pink cheeks
Black little girl

I wonder in despair
For my love lost in glorious war
He fights for my honor
But how I wish
He was but a common man
Toiling the farm
And bringing me
flowers by night
Weary of a firefly
But still my knight
in shining armor
Unyielding to my tenderness
For he fears
I might put a spell on him
But he’s touched my flower
And given me one for keep
So he’s certain
there’s no going back

Ellie ellie
I would never
come out to the open
For I am weary of the sun
Less it dries my tears
Taking away my agony
For I must mourn
I must rock time away
While I wait for my love
For you see he fights to earn
my pride
He fights for my love
In glorious war

A poem about a little girl calling her mother to come out and play with her cause she cannot on her own without being watched as their village faces war stricken times.
But her mother is resistant for she mourns the absence of her lover missing in action.

The little girl cries and is filled with sorrow as her mother Ellie insists she would never see the light of the sun, never leave her rocking chair, till her lover comes back to her.

Used words& terms
Lost: missing in action
‘Rock time away’: sit by her
rocking chair as time goes by
‘Touched my flower’: taken her virginity
‘One for keep’: given her a child
‘Put a spell on him’: fall deeply in love with her
Unyielding: resistant

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