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I’m a different kind of cat

I’m a different kind of cat

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Mo Adejumo
·Jun 21, 2022·

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You love to see me cry
Don’t you?
Like that slack look on your face
You'd hold on a little longer
Maybe a few years
Before you let me love you as I should

You make me the needy one
So you could see how long I last
Am all in
I mean you know I’m a natural lover
A cheerful giver
Of emotions to the one
worthy enough to receive me

But you love to see me cry
Like those drenched out pillow cases
soaked with blood, pure love and sacrifice

It makes you tough
Like any other girl here
that would ever know your bed
would learn to idolize this premises
If she must be your chosen

But I have wanted more
than just your permission

I wanted to break your walls down
and make you a fool of your own standards
Cause they're stingy
And self exalting
Just like you
It'll take you no where eventually
Running and running
until you're beaten
Cause I'm the only woman
You'd ever love
And that's that.

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