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·Jul 11, 2022·

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Like all the geomancy
in the universe
She had dreams spread
like wild fire
Reaching even to the lines
drawn outside her box
A little blue one she cased
round to hide the black inside
If only she knew real was now the new black
Same as yellow and green
However you're feeling inside
If only she knew she couldn't hide

Like all the hurt she built inside
They'd sing to her
Like a mass composed
by a unit of broken hearts
She'll forget herself in misery to
Camille Saint Saens
'Danse Macabre'
That violin pomp! pomp!
Play in her head
Tick! Tickling!
The xylophone would wickedly tease her
The army of matching legs
They're coming for her
She thinks misery yet again
Not even the piano's
soft solo could save her

Like all the green beneath her foot
Still she can't see
Still she is familiar
with the unknown
She is dancing
Up and down
like a 'Mariachi'
Sweating and panting really fast
Her sack clothing slowly coming off
Her hair slowly turning afro
Still in misery
Yet not in fear,
but now understanding
None but herself
can free her mind

Like all the stars
that's in the sky
There's one for you
There's one that's you
Like all the Ijeomas in the world with her name
None can be like her
None can share her misery
But Ijeoma!

Ijeoma, like every other girl around her and even far with dreams to fill the earth with wonder, and each phase she steps there is a lesson ahead, she’ll learn to depend on herself to conquer

Used words& terms
-‘geomancy’: divinations connected to the earth

  • ‘box’: mind
  • ‘green’: possibilities
  • ‘sack clothing’: pain
    -‘mass’: a choir
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