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Goody goody good for you

Goody goody good for you

a fun poem for the fight for equality

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Mo Adejumo
·Sep 4, 2022·

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the-goose-and-the-gander-patricia-keller.jpg Goody goody
Good for you
I sure hope you’re satisfied
Oh how I’ve waited to sing this all night
Goody goody
Good for you
So you think that love
Is all about the ride
But I disagree and rhyme
Cause am raining halleluiah
You bet it’s getting to you
Don’t you know?
It's goody goody!
Good for you
And goody goody!
Good for me
Good love is all you need
You can take it for a ride
And I sure hope this satisfies you
Goody goody!
Good for you

‘What's good for the goose is good for the gander’, my old grade school teacher would say; what was her way of sharing equality among the boys and the girls in the class.
The boys will fret for their busted egos but, the girls were ignorant early bloomers.

Used words & terms
-‘am raining halleluiah’: symbolizes rain of ideas
-‘fret’: agitated
-‘early bloomers’: maturing faster

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