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Foreign Exports

Foreign Exports

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Mo Adejumo
·Oct 5, 2022·

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I suppose when they arrive
We’ll know
When they are done misplacing priorities
And leaving us victims
To this abomination
They call civilization
Perhaps then we may converse

I am a local at heart
Blood and sweat too
Where have you put our charm?
Where, to what region
Did you lose our funkiness?
That which used to tell us apart
And tell the others
We're a nation with a six pack
Iron mask too
And we could not be bamboozled by mere steroids
And artificial bodies
Said to have given us independence
Yet withhold freedom

Forgive my sharpened tongue
I am no preacher of disunity
Or dissension of a united world
But how about our local region
Before the world

We are getting too current
Lost in global evolution
What about 'Mama Africa'
What about soil and green land?
Trees and wildlife?
And things like that
That make us feel at home again
And not just a modern throw back from slavery

How about the little black girl whose waists
Have been demoralized
And sexualized for knowing
To honor the essence of an old african beat
A gangan solo
Her ever ready 'me le pa mi la yo'
You people are the ones that
Has taken her groove
And given her a trunk
Where she could shy away
And hide away for she is no longer an innocent
Black little girl
But a public commodity
With elusive advertising
Shipped up with a price for sale
There goes our future
Still enslaved

Still I hope what's left of our dignity
If any,
Keeps us from trading,
The people

This makes me nervous in many ways because it attracts so many different scenes when I read it over. Trying to figure out one exact thing to round it all up but I am shattered to pieces.
Still, I try and find a common ground. The way we treat our freedom shows we never understood its value, most times it feels as though we lack a mind of our own.
And so we trade unconsciously, speak unconsciously, fight unconsciously, elect unconsciously, and even our value for life; Well..

Used words & terms
-‘bamboozled’: fool
-‘steroids’: enhancements
-‘crudity’: wildness
-‘dissension’: disagreement
-‘demoralized’: less hopeful
-‘elusive’: difficult to understand

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