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For every girl is a broken boy

For every girl is a broken boy

love: like walking on water

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·Aug 3, 2022·

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By the waterfall
Sally saw d'angelo
There are rainy days
There that lay bound men
For beautiful flowers to set free
But there is death all around him
She'll loose herself to save his
What purpose has she
If not for love and sacrifice
She summons strength to help her unbelief
‘If I never had to die for love
I'd die a slave to passion
My mother never knew hope
My father never knew grace for a second chance
I might have lesser fate
Unless I learn to take
what love has for me’

She walks on water.

My narrative of this has always changed.
Each time I read it and gave a summary I was often left with a new term or idea. Aside the fact that I’m an over thinker, I think it just hits different every single time. It’s like when reading the Bible and having a new revelation for the same verses over and over.
Well I can’t tell you if it might vary again, but for this season, this season where I find myself on the journey of realizing whether or not I’ve found the love of my life.
My conclusion is; ‘Love is not perfect, but God’s love is perfect’. However the love of a man and a woman would require intentional work to even struggle for perfection. Notice the word intentional? Means the deliberate agreement of both love birds to wake up every morning and make a decision, every single day to want to put a smile on the others face and then maybe hopefully, if fate smiles back on them, cross the marriage bridge and continue in the same cycle.
It’s hard right? I know.

Used words & terms
-‘rainy days’: signifies tragedies
-‘death’: trouble
-‘flowers’: girls
-‘she walks on water’: uncertainty/impossibilities

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