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Falling Blindly

Falling Blindly

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Mo Adejumo
·Jul 17, 2022·

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Are we falling blindly
Do we need real love
to make us see the light
Is the sun seemingly unfriendly
Do we need someone
to make us smile again
Spark again
Are we impatient
Is love feeling like a means
to an end
And we cannot but find
our better half
Because our better self
is just not enough
But really is enough ever enough
Or are we just falling blindly
Thinking he would love us any
more If we were just about
the right blonde or natural
Venturous and free spirit
As if enough is enough
As if his love would never go away
If he was miles away
And we are left with nothing
but the bits and broken pieces
We failed to fix
to be just enough
But failed
Falling blindly
Cause really enough
is never enough
And does realizing the truth
Make us restless enough to know
Enough is never enough
To be complete?

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