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The sayings of Agur

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·Nov 16, 2022·

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Teton Painting blog.jpeg So, it happened that I found myself
Compelled by the sayings of Agur
And it inspired my resolution
There are seven things that are too amazing for me
Eight which I do not understand:

Still cannot find such colour
The way of the clouds through the skies
'Ours is a milky galaxy'

Still cannot find such grace
The way of light slashing through the dark

Still cannot compare
The way of a mother with her child

Still cannot know such peace
The way of a virgin in her pride
'Lily of the valley'

Still cannot find a better institution
The way of a man and a woman

Still the world is yet to know a more familiar woe
The way of man with Lucifer

Still the war is yet to finish
The way of good and evil
'They are in twine'
‘The good detest the bad, the bad detest the good’

Still may never understand
The way of God with man
'This is the way of love'
‘In sin yet in love, He says, Come’!


As I had a quiet time I came across the chapter enlisting in great detail the sayings of Agur. And as I read through it inspired me not only to write on my own humble view of the world but also understanding the position and state of mind Agur had spoken those words to Ithiel. I imagined a state of humility mixed with awesome reference to a flawless being only possible embodiments of a God.
Now I don’t know much but I know what great peace it brought to know I may never truly understand certain things that go on in the world but its okay cause there is a God, and I am barely an ounce out of the great magnitude of the universe and what it is still to unfold. I am humbled.

Used words & terms

‘Milky galaxy’: the earth is often referred as the milky way due to the way the galaxy disk crosses the sky in a company of bright milky light.

  • ‘Geophysical’: ‘Grace’:
  • ‘Lily of the valley’: {s.o.s2:1}‘I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys’
  • ‘Eden’’:a reference to the Garden of Eden where it all began
  • ‘Cursed’: woe to the inhabitants of the earth which the devil…
  • ‘Intwine’: similar
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