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Diamond Boy

Diamond Boy

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·Aug 8, 2022·

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He's that type of guy
You know, I mean the one
that sits around the corner acting unnoticed
You think he's not there
but trust me he is; every bit of it
Every bit of your existence around him,
he knows it
He tries to come out but is held down by the beauty of his finesse
His body, his specialty, his wantedness!
He is beautiful
But he is beautiful and he knows it

It’s hard for him
He tries to love you but he is just too beautiful
The field is green, bearing beautiful flowers;
He is needy!
He finds himself a flower but still stands wanting
Wanting more than just a beautiful flower
"Why have one where there's plenty more the field I came from"
He loves you, trust me he does;
But he is beautiful, so beautiful he knows it
For at his feet lies green grass
With plenty of flowers that bears
He tries to take one but the grass is much too green,
The flowers are much too beautiful;
He stands hesitant!
He thinks his hesitation is hope for perfection
But the fact is, he is cursed!
Cursed with a beauty so bad
It blinds the eyes of its very possessor
The table is wide, the cards are ready
He finds himself playing the game
Playing it so good, he is smooth as a feather
Slink is his talk, enchanting are his ways;
They call him Diamond Boy!

He is beautiful, so beautiful its only painful he knows it

The grass is green but the waves are raging now!
Though bearing flowers but for how long?
The table is wide, full of anticipating cards;
But for how long would this game play?

You know, He's that type of guy
I mean the type that acts
Like he doesn't love you when actually he does
He is beautiful
So beautiful it’s only sad he knows it
Slick is his talk, enchanting are his ways
You can't but not love him
I call him
Diamond boy!

Typical of boys when they are younger and full of life, the world seems to be at the palm of their hands and they’ll play it to the moon and back, yet when it’s finally evening it all appears a lesson.

Used words& terms

  • ‘wantedness’: being desired.
  • ‘flowers’: signifies females.
  • ‘cards’: also girls.
  • ‘slick’: smooth talker.
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