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Death the leveler

Death the leveler

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·Sep 20, 2022·

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Memento-Mori-Pieter-Claesz-Vanitas-Painting.jpg How do we carry on?
We that thread the earth
At a safer distance
We watch our steps
Counting each seconds turning to hours
So we might not be left behind
We prepare.

Like a bridegroom waiting by the lamp
We are very sure not to covet
Not to converse this same topic
We dread is inevitable
One day my soul
One day my body
One day by night my spirit

As greedy as the grave
Death is never satisfied
Never negotiating enough
To push or pull time
When it comes
It must have its fill
Less it be unsatisfied
Never compromising as to the hearts that's felt
For the absence of a love once was
But now is, eternal.

So how must we carry on?
We that scatter the earth
In loss of our loved ones
The ones dearly beloved to us
We hope it’s only a dream
For reality seems all so vague
And void of colour
We lose our sensitivity to the things
That once brought us joy
And priceless peace
We watch ourselves
Grow used to the taste of our salty tears
Listening closely to the sound
Of our hearts breathing
We hope it will stop
And end our misery
Like death
We want it to know
We are unafraid
Unafraid of it being inevitable
We too will be unsatisfied
When it comes
We will be ready!

Whether or not we choose to discuss it,it is an indispensible fact attached to the human existence. I don’t know about you but the thought of eternity makes death even less direful.

Used words & terms
-‘covet’: yearning for something belonging to another person. -‘vague’: lacking clarity.

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