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College Crime

College Crime

Lost Bouvardias

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Mo Adejumo
·Aug 2, 2022·

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It ends as quickly as it starts
The great, yet sour damage
Leaves it’s prints like that on sands of time
Or maybe so they do, telling vividly through the eyes
of regretful witnesses
Silly amateurs, torn hearts, weary souls
I think of them as the very enthusiastic 'Bouvardia’
In her prime, her virgin, zest for life
Lost and found among thorns,
polluted air and peasant savagery

What is it they do this for?
To whose honor lies their cheap solidarity and needless sacrifice?
Lost Bouvardias I thought of them,
Falling in selfish ruthless hands, thwarting destinies,
Leaving generations yet unborn
a lineage of pain and wealth in it’s filthiest kind
Babes the Holy Book would call them
Still to be under their mother's breasts
Clueless, yet pure as little infants

We must find the high sounding cymbals!
To call them,
Alarm them if necessary
Remind them, lost Bouvardias yet to ripen,
Still in her prime, like passion fruit in her Passion flower

You're yet to grow!
You’re a branch cut off from it’s stem
Mama weeps because she dreads the sight of this strange human
Posing before her, calling himself her child
She is weary, in search for her baby
Surely! This was an imposter
Lost Child!
Why is it that you wander in bloody wilderness?
What is it that you seek?
What senseless burden and confusion you lay on yourself
Come home!
For tired eyes awaits you
Warm embraces is delayed, for your lost touch
Would you come home to love and live?
Or would you die to bloody war,
a Lone Ranger!

We can account counts of gun shots in my college every year, be it once or twice a year there’s an incidence that triggers such violence, most of which involve the young adult, students against lecturers, students against cadets, students with civilians.
We might blame the government but many of these youths have lost their way and are found in crowds they shouldn’t be; seems to me they ought to find their way back home.

Used words & terms
-‘wilderness’: lost in confusion
-‘Bouvardia’: zest for life
-‘like passion fruit in her passion flower’: prime
-‘you’re branch cut off from its stem’ : lacking guidance
-‘lone Ranger’ :lacking companionship

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