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Blind at Bethsaida

Blind at Bethsaida

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·Aug 15, 2022·

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jesus-healing-blind-man.jpg Rabbi,
I see people
Walking like trees
Seeking pasture
Wandering in vigorous ambition
On a purposeful mission
But destined fatality

We all could die today
The sun could seize to shine
Wither like saw dust
Leave the earth purging in beautiful ambiance
Must I forever vision immortality?
Or favour the belief I need a reason
To position my mind
In a way my spirit can communicate
'There must be an end to this body'
'There must be a reason to die'

I want the world to end
So I can be forever young
I want heaven just as much
As I need saving
Maybe now more than likely
I see the light
The sun is shining
The sky is blue
I know hope for glory

“And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.” (Mark 8:24)
This was the man at Bethsaida in his own term but this is me as a person once blind as to the way things are. A mixture of trembling and not truly understanding fellowship through my own eyes but the one the world explains, because I know they do so of their own context and guidelines. And the fact that I'm seeking and searching God for myself doesn't make me rebellious, but truly in love.

Used words & terms
-'vigorous’: physically active
-'ambiance’: influence of an atmosphere

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