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Afrobeat Presentation

Afrobeat Presentation

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·Sep 14, 2022·

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Fela-Kuti-Afrobeat-Art-Poster_320.jpg Enter in patient
Yet madness in your thoughts
Face ethnically painted
With intention and purpose
Proceed to annihilate
Any suspect to the idea
You came to play
Wiggle the pant palazzo around
But slowly so they could see every print
Mindless of the band
So they know you have the keys
To their souls to make them function
Precisely and perfection
Be conscious of your tongue
As it is a symbol of your identity
Claim it!
Be it the only education they get from your parade
Do not fail to express it
The freedom on how you express it
Would tell whether or not they dance to it
Be sure to make them dance
And be slaves to the sounds of liberation
Only your presence can serve
This will tell whether or not
You live or die
A legacy

I believe every African is an artist. Be it you’re dancing, singing, chanting, writing, speaking, or be it the fact that you’re just a part of the hype team, you play a role. Long as you’re not sitting with the others and watching us continuingly build legacies one show at a time. It is our identity, we are showstoppers!

Used words & terms
-‘ethnically’: tribal
-‘annihilate’: wipe out
-‘parade’: show

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