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·Jan 8, 2022·

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istockphoto-1338553964-612x612.jpg People
Fine art but still
They can't measure up
Green land but still they scatter thorns
That silly sentiment
That old time but void religion
It's not the gospel
You blasphemers
Jesus wept
Hence the truth
We are no longer in the dark
We are no longer afraid
We will no longer run at the sight
Of your false prophesies
False prophets
Jesus died
Hence the new beginning

We are the rebellious generation. Most of us to good use, so we could break free from society's chains, separate the gospel from religion, break boundaries and create new epitomes. Others, simply noise makers. Which side are you?

Used words & terms
-‘sentiment’: perception/conviction.
-‘people, places, poverty, pain’ = Death.

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