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A Sergeant Opportuned

A Sergeant Opportuned

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Mo Adejumo
·May 2, 2022·

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To the officer
Who needs not the permission
Of the government to exercise his duties
I say, you aced it
Good job!

You loose your job as a sales attendant
And macho man by default due to poverty
And failed retention
You decide your best option is to join the force
I mean its only one pen and piece of paper away
And conceited zeal will do the rest

Your intentions are not in any way to help the people
Your motive is farfetched from being patriotic
Hoping to hold the justice motto
To serve and to protect
You are hungry
But of a different appetite

You crave blood pudding
Sliced human thighs
Unarmed teenage child
Cause he reminds of all the things
You never had the courage to be
Gun possession for gun violence
You are hungry and society is your chosen prey
To fill your blood thirst anger
You’re the product of a thug father and an indifferent mother
And all the things your community is to take blame for
Here is your revenge to buy away your misery
Here is your revenge
You miserable man

You fulfil your desire after your selfish resilience
You earn yourself a vacuous barge
You find yourself your first prey
And celebrate your first kill
You soak yourself in your cigar
One down,
A society more to go
You roam the street begging for arms
Claiming the government isn't doing their part
Therefore the masses must share in your suffering

You are a thorn in the justice's ass
But they are helpless
Because they are of the same feather
Maybe slightly, but still they won’t get you out these streets
Cause you are a weapon of political please
You are what they call
a problem child who must be tolerated

But God knows you are well on your way
God knows you won't give up
Until you have yourself a blood bath
And men of your kind are still vast
Fostering a legion of illegal arms and terrorizing coups
God knows we are on our way
To being a society with massive outlaws
And overseas patriots
Forced to live and build in another man's land
Where security is a little more secured

God knows it's time for the scab to fall open
For our wounds are still fresh
And there is a need for an end
To make way for a new beginning

We the youths
are in need of a future
Worth our education and degrees
You force our minds to believe will bring us
Safety and harmless living
In this nation you say is over fifty
Yet we run down a mile constantly drifting
Because we keep developing
Yet remain under developing

Teach these broken men
So they will know to do better
And uphold what's left of our
Teach these miserables

I knew a boy once who wanted to be an officer.
And quite frankly his motive is
nothing to be accounted literally.
I figure he is not alone in such ideology of what it means to serve,
who could blame him, there is no
proper standard to debate otherwise.

Used words & terms
-‘legion’: association
-‘you are a thorn in the
justice's ass’: a burden
-‘miserable’: abject cowardice

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