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A Second Brain

A Second Brain

- By Faith Egwuenu - a precis

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·Oct 26, 2022·

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A scientific measure of the human brain
remarks ‘an average person today processes
as much as 74 GB in information a day'.
(i.e. as much as watching sixteen movies).
It recalls only 500 years ago, 74 GB of information
would be what a highly educated person
consumed in a lifetime, through books and stories.

As individuals we find ourselves
having to stack up so many information
within a short space of time but with very
little documentation. We pride ourselves in
being able to multitask and gather multiple
data daily but in hindsight half the time we
have little or no ways to keep track of our activities.

Today I learnt how Notion can help you develop a second brain.
With it you can keep accurate track of all your activities
Work schedules, to-do lists, books,
finances, routines, movies, you name it, the list goes on.
Basically your whole life in a digital format
as Faith rightly put it.

The function tool here however is
discipline and consistency which
some of us lack(I’d go first) yet need
if we really want to make any change
and be on top of whatever task we set out to do.
And by top I don’t mean it in a competitive
way of trying to be better than your colleagues
at work but simply being better at being you
and having everything under your control
and within your grasp.
I mean who wants to go crazy over
not being able to get ones shit together.

For starter it’s important to take
it piece by piece as I’ve learnt as
well that it might be overwhelming
at first but the goal is to make sure to
drop a few coins in every single day, and you’d be fine.
Personally I feel Notion has helped with my blogging.
I have a few pages in there both complete
and work in progress that I’m able to go
back as often as the hustle allows me
to and edit, proof-read, and re-define,
before it goes unto my main blog page.
Overall just enjoy the process.

Gracias por leer.

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