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A Quest-/ion/ to change the world

A Quest-/ion/ to change the world

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Mo Adejumo
·Nov 23, 2022·

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‘a feeling of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected’
Quite an unusual introduction you might say. Yeah I started with that because
I figured assumption, uncertainty, speculation and apprehension,
falls under that simple factor.
This of course might be relative as the basis for every hold ups
as my vocal cords reaches for my tongue to yield its strength
to then find my teeth if needed for those particular line of
words to my lips and out in a space, you know! 😁
Don’t mind me, scratch that, I was just trying to sound poetic.
Basically what I said was, the basis for my reservations
before asking a simple question could sound a little something like these;

  • Doesn’t that sound stupid?

  • Why would you want to ask that?

  • Dude simple math, do it in your head?

  • Ask and look completely silly?

  • It’s official — You’re clueless!

Quite harsh you might think, I suppose my brain is a reincarnation
of an old grade school teacher who made sure to impress very well in my brain how dumb I was when I couldn’t read out a single line of words from some big ass Literature text book, I still recall. And like my brain she wasn’t very nice and even so critical.

Yesterday I learnt about Product Discovery.
Asides the other big grammars and lengthy slides Bash graciously shared with the team,
I took my notes from an omniscient point of view.
Typical Mo, I listen, digest and fit into my jigsaw so it all makes sense the way only I can relate.
And in relating I learnt how asking the right questions
or questions really in product discovery paves way for light in any given theory or even so broadly in universal discoveries.
I mean we do it all the time already;

  • Where on Earth does the Sun shine the most?

  • Why can’t it touch us yet it sometimes feels so close as to the heart?

  • Is there a place on Earth where the Sun does not rise?

  • How fast do raindrops fall?

  • How big are rain drops?

  • What are Sinkholes?

  • Why, what, how? bla bla bla!

All of course swearing to the fact that as humans
asking simple life questions shows our desire and quest to unravel the world around us.
And like every quest is a treasure chest filled with loads of questions.
You’d agree most game changers, visionaries and innovators all had a common zeal; a quest to
try and change the world by solving a few life problems which resulted to the values they amassed for themselves.
So the next time you have that question in your head
about a product you want to discover and break to pieces to then piece back together, you won’t hold back simply because your questions sounds too silly to say in public or probably doesn’t just fit right.
Ask and you shall see! No assumptions, no speculation, no apprehensions,
guesses, no consternation!
Just questions and then some more question.

Gracias por leer.

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