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1960 Something

1960 Something

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·Oct 1, 2022·

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ddddddd.PNG When was it though?
I think it was 1960 something
The time we swayed
Our independence in the faces
Of the foreign merchants
In mockery of their illicit purchase
But a sad laugh on our faces
The one we didn’t know was to come
But now is here

Freedom is sweet
But the world is laughing
And their jokes are on us
Freedom is bitter sweet
But I’d rather we taste it
As it truly is, Sore!
Like the backs of our fore fathers
As they worked the freedom fight
Working it out
So we could place our bets
On society’s chess
But to which we lost
For our lack of common reasoning

For I see we are yet to be free now
We have declared the war over
Yet now waged against ourselves
Freedom is sweet
But we have since
Wallowed away from its power
Dealt with it so brutally
It has become a useless value
Years have passed
And still we celebrate
It is true freedom is sweet
But the jokes are on us

There are diverse ways the jokes tell on us.The way we treat our people, the way we handle our time, the way we love, the way we give, the way we share, the way we rule, the principles we follow, the way we fight and don’t fight, the way we tell our stories that make them unheard and have the world pick it up and tell it falsely, the way we never seem to care regardless.

Used words & terms
-‘swayed’: showed off
-‘foreign merchants’: colonial masters
-‘illicit’: illegal
-‘common reasoning’: mutual understanding

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